Technology and emotion-based storytelling: The good and the bad

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1d00170ea73d23659065d5aabb60cfc5The allure of playing with technology for advertising efforts is stronger today than ever before. The ability to turn an advertising story into an all-consuming, always-on, everywhere narrative through digital, social, mobile and more is incredibly exciting for those in the marketing and advertising business. The problem is that many creatives get caught up in the delivery and forget the importance of a good story. Here are two illustrations of what good and bad looks like.

Johnson’s Baby follows the lead of Pampers in Brazil to give new moms an experience that would make their pregnancy┬áand child’s birth one to truly remember. As part of the pregnancy women often get an ultrasound to see how their unborn baby is holding up. The purpose of those visits it to ensure that everything is alright. Johnson’s Baby wanted to turn it into a much more powerful emotional experience. To accomplish this, they found an ingenious way of turning ultrasound data points into musical notes, thus turning the ultrasound reading into a symphony. In other words, a mother could hear the melodic power of her unborn baby. The video is very powerful. Have a look.

A less exciting example of how technology is used to create a unique experience comes from Mercedes. To be honest, I am a big fan of much of the work that Mercedes does, but this project is simply too smart. They are trying to do experiments where they create magical experiences and happenings that reflect an engineering feature on or in one of their cars. The exercise is simple and nice to watch but it feels like a compromise idea. If they really wanted to show car features in and exciting way, how about take inspiration from VW’s Fun Theory (see here).

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