Taking “walking the talk” marketing to the extreme

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obi 1The Brands that really act on what they proclaim to stand for in the world at large are those that people respect and thus bring into their consumption repertoire. The success of Brands like Coke, Lego, Dove, and many others are a testament to this. However, when a Brand’s purpose in the world at large is very closely linked to its functional offering, “walking the talk” marketing can become like an ultra powerful product demo. OBI in Germany developed a campaign that did this.

Obi 3OBI is a DIY store that claims to be able to turn any home task into beauty. The DIY category has faced incredible economic pressure over the past years forcing many stores into bankruptcy and pushing those remaining into heavy discount marketing behaviour. In other words, the “yard sale” vibe of the business is being reinforced through their discount marketing approach. In order to break free from this unhealthy cycle, OBI decided to take the high ground and walk the talk. However, they did so in a way that showed the value that they can bring to each customer, and the quality of its products.

What OBI did differently than other DIY stores was that it turned DIY jobs into advertising. More specifically, they went to run down houses and buildings and re-did sides of the buildings to prove that they can turn the most challenging tasks into beauty. Have a look

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