Students think of a new digital idea for Lego that beautifully blends their aptitude for imagination with the storytelling acumen of digital

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The ideas that come out of the Miami Ad School give a good indication what creative sentiments, what technological mashing is in favor. Many of their ideas would be well served by the Brands that the students got inspired by. A recent example is for Lego where the students leaned into the behavioral changes in how kids play and what that could mean to the very analog company.

To combat the digital world’s attention dominance of kids, several students thought of merging the best of both worlds together: digital interactivity with Lego’s analog creative “activator”. Their idea was an app that used augmented reality to transform a Lego creation into an online virtual adventure. A certain creation would activate a story on a smartphone that used the app. With each brick moved, a new story would unfold. The video brings to life the idea beautifully. Have a look.

LEGO STORYBUILDER from Dejan Jovanovic on Vimeo.

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