Students show Google how to improve their language translation service

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The students at Miami Ad School continue to amaze me with their ingenuity and creativity. Their great ideas have the ability to provide very simple solutions to basic opportunities across brands and their businesses. All that they do is find a commonly used technology and apply it differently. The result is often brilliance. Last week I  posted a case study that they developed for Lego that really unleashed the storytelling power of the analog blocks by blending them perfectly with digital tools to ignite children’s imagination (see here).

The focus for this idea was that Google’s language translation tools don’t ideally convey the meaning of local sayings and slang. As such, the tool can be misleading. Therefore, the students found a simple way of adding flavor and context to slang sayings by combining the direct translation with a video of a popular film of TV series in which the slang was being used to help users understand the true meaning of the saying. The idea is called Google: Scene. Absolutely genius. Have a look.

Google Scene It from martinshit on Vimeo.

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