So you want your Facebook friends’ opinions about a new pair of jeans. Diesel can make that happen

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Certain digital behaviors have become so engrained in culture that they are itching to be released into the real world. The Facebook “like” is one of them. We’ve seen many marketing initiatives use the “like” button in the real world as a means to bring your social network to your daily life. We’ve also seen “like” buttons enter into retail. However, I’ve yet to see it being used in retail as Diesel has done.

Diesel have introduced QR codes in their stores which enable you to “Like” a product by scanning a QR code which then posts to your Facebook wall. What is great about this mechanic is that it allows you to get the opinions from all those you care about right there. Any reactions to your “like” post can immediately influence your decision. At the moment Diesel is trialing the mechanic in Madrid stores in Madrid.

The opportunities to use this doorway into social networks to deliver added content or even incentivize purchase intent is notable. Think about it: You could reward liking a friend’s “like” with discount coupons. Very cool.

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