Skittles puts a digital spin on the Easter egg hunt

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Skittles has done interesting interactive work for years. For Easter they decided to take the tradition of hunting for eggs online. However, instead of hunting for eggs, users were looking for funny videos burried in the mountains of videos on Youtube. A total of 5 videos hidden and could be found by clicking on YouTube annotations hidden in the new Skittles touch clips.

The actual work isn’t great but the Easter hunt idea is brilliant. It is a perfect marriage of timely traditions and technology which alone gives the Brand cultural currency. Since this was only done nationally in Canada it feels like a miss that they didn’t find a simple way of linking the idea to store and incentivize purchase.

Have a look at the different videos below:

In the Werewolf baby video, roll over the book beside the crib.
Easter Egg 3 of 5…
In the Sasquatch video, click on the VHS tape in the pile of Skittles.
Easter Egg 4 of 5…
In the Skittles Princess video, roll over the picture frame.
Easter Egg 5 of 5…
In the Zombie Tennis video, click on the Skittles Cup banner.

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