Senna keeps on entertaining us from six feet under

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The movie Senna was among the best documentaries of all time. The man was so legendary that his story alone made for an epic tale. His legendary status while still alive ensured that there was more film about him, from him, with him, that it was possible to narrate his story using only his voice over and real footage. For this reason, the film Senna will be difficult to replicate in its storytelling power and storytelling authenticity. See the trailer below.

Ayrton was such a dominant and meaningful figure in F1 that people simply don’t want him to ever retire from the minds of sports fans. A recent example of this was a brilliant recreation of his record-breaking lap at the Japanese F1 circuit Suzuka. At the time, Senna’s Honda had a telemetry system on-board which recorded all information from the car. 20 years on a team from Japan used that exact same data to recreate a live performance of that epic lap. A combination of lighting and speakers allowed a select few people to literally feel the ghost of Senna again. Even the case video (below) is haunting. A brilliant and powerful piece of content.

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