Roy Lichtenstein visits the Hall Of Justice and gives us a blink into the everyday life of a Superhero

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Roy Lichtenstein defined a style of pop-art that continues to be loved well beyond the art community and is an inspiration to many creatively-oriented professionals. His cartoon-like approach brought a childlike view of topics that weren’t innocent at all and thus made them more “digestible”. The colours have an energy to them that draw you in and bring any room to life.

Gregoire Guillemin is an artist who has built-on Lichtenstein’s style and applied additional pop-culture references to create works that are both shocking, humorous, and even more appealing. Using superhero characters, he captures them very close up in the midst of everyday, everyman, routines and occurrences. It is as though he was given special access to The Hall Of Justice and took candid photos of the superheros in their day to day, mundane doings. The result are some brilliant pieces. Have a look.

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