Powerful & Captivating TV commercials – November 2014 edition

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It’s holiday season which means some of the more emotional stories are about to swarm the airwaves. The long awaited John Lewis ad is out and did not disappoint. It appears that many brands are being more aggressive in their efforts to develop truly epic stories. We need only look at the stunning work called “Gentlemen’s Wager” from Johnnie Walker, or the Winter season film from Adidas.

What all these films have is powerful emotion wrapped in gripping storytelling. Even the more tame, day-to-day story topics from Volkswagen and The British Beer Alliance make a powerful connection with their viewers. With such great filmic storytelling making a surge these past few months, advertisers will have to make decent investments to push the content so that it reaches the right audiences that can, in turn, pass it along. In the meantime, enjoy the great stories below.

Volkswagen – Tiguan

VW Tiguan. Inspires great stories. from Metropolitana on Vimeo.

Johnnie Walker – Gentlemen’s Wager

John Lewis – Monty

Adidas – Open All Winter

Britain’s Beer Alliance – There’s a beer for that

Volvo Trucks – The Casino

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