powerful & captivating TV commercials – May 2014 edition

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downloadThe truth has never been a more powerful muse. I feel that so many of the last posts that celebrate great film highlight that work that breaks through is work that speaks about truths, instead of celebrating artificial or inflated realities. These films aren’t simply reflecting current cultural behaviours but are serving up points of view that aren’t readily spoken about, and doing so in an unexpected way so that the topics are more easily and passionately digested.

The first two films are by charities who speak about realities in a very uncommon way. The result – incredibly powerful stories.

Prevent Drug Driving

Save The Children

The next film is from HBO and leans into awkward moments between parents and children.

The following film by Land Rover is a beautiful expression of the joy of driving through the country, off the beaten path. It is incredibly poetic. Have a look.

LAND ROVER • Roam Free from Eduardo Quadra on Vimeo.

Adidas is no stranger to brilliant film and since their great creative re-birth that was manifested during the London 2012 Olympics, they have consistently pushed out great stories. Here is one that leans into the Premier League.


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