Powerful & captivating TV commercials – April 2014 edition

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Lately there has been a noticeable increase in the types of TV┬ácommercial stories that celebrate human kindness and compassion. It appears that people are looking for true role models that makes them feel that “humanity has hope”. This may sound like an exaggerated statement, but I feel that the definition of human purpose is changing. Technology has allowed a new perspective on one’s power and capability in the social and professional world. As such, what society merchandises is no longer what people value. We thus see this being reflected in the types of stories that people gravitate to. Have a look.

Thai Life Insurance ad – The Unsung Hero

Bell South Africa – The Reader

Tosando – Music Class (It is all in Japanese but the story is easy to understand)

imagesA more tried and true approach to TV commercial filmmaking is using a production technique to amplify a story. The big risk with this approach is that you get too caught up in the technique and let it guide the story versus the other way around. However, when a great technique can be used to cement a story then it is magical. There are 2 examples that I’ve found recently that do this. Have a look.

Peta – Little Chicks

Ikea – Kitchen Lazy Susan

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