Pimp out your Billy: Ikea furniture customization like you’ve never seen

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Ikea furniture can be found in households in every major city. The pieces are really nice and incredibly affordable. For these reasons they are favorites of parents for their kid’s room or favorites of students. The problem is that with such a concentration of Ikea furniture with certain groups, dialing up the uniqueness factor becomes a bit challenging. This is why I thought that this website I stumbled upon was so cool.

MyIkea is a destination where you can pimp-out some of the most common Ikea furniture pieces. Their products are super simple: graphic stick-ons. All you need to do is pick the design that matches your furniture, paste in on, and voila – a unique Ikea piece. All of a sudden that blain Billy bookcase of Malm bed becomes an eye-opening piece you can arrange your room around. The designs have a broad range to cater to different ages and tastes. 

This kind of service reflects the flourishing DIY trend that will likely only become more prevalent as the economy stagnates but hunger for style and differentiation does not. Have a look at some of the designs below and check out their website at http://www.thisismykea.com/. Enjoy

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