Perception Vs. Reality

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We know that we judge. Whether we want to admit to it, we form opinions based on our experiences and view the world around us based on that wiring. Honestly, this human behavior sucks. Granted, this behavior may shield us from legitimate harm. However, this behavior also causes nervousness or daily stress that is not necessarily warranted. We may also avoid experiencing a beautiful moment, or avoid meeting a wonderful person because our “wiring” tells us to move away or ignore. I am a big proponent of following your gut but there must be ways to differentiate between real instinct and learned false instinct. This brilliant short film gets at the heart of perception versus reality. A simple transaction has multi-layered assumptions built in due to social stereotyping. The film employs sound beautifully to accentuate the nervousness of the different characters. Also the very raw shooting style ideally brings the narrative to life. Enjoy.

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