Oscar moments that keep us watching year after year

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imagesWe are a few hours away from the Academy Awards. While the circus around this iconic event has mushroomed over the years and the attitudes of the attendees has become more “silly” as the cult of celebrity has flourished, there remains something truly special about the Oscars. How a small golden statue can humble those that have everything is special.

There a some seminal moments every year and those that are truly marking are when the human behind the celebrity shine through for a short moment. The Academy of Potion Picture Arts & Sciences have released a series of short films to promote the Oscars on ABC and they have picked key aspects of the awards show that bring out these real human emotions. The first is when an Oscar recipient first holds the statue. They are totally humbled and their purpose is summed up in that moment. Have a look.

Another powerful moment is when the winner is announced. The essence of the surprise, the joy of accomplishment, the deep feeling of belonging must be exhilarating. Again a film has captured a handful of these moments to great success. For a viewer is great voyeurism but also motivation to imagine what’s possible. Have a look.

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