Nurturing your Brand Proposition through remarkable people in society

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A powerful way, and increasingly important way, of bringing to life a Brand’s value proposition is to encourage it or nurture it in society. More specifically, to find people, organisations, or movements to support or get involved with. The easy way is simple sponsorship. Unless the wrapping around a sponsorship isn’t thorough and creatively amplified, this “borrowed-interest” direction is lame (and consumers know it). A better way is to actually find people who embody a Brand’s value proposition and give them opportunities, platforms, areas to thrive.

Intel has supported great young talent through its “Look Inside” program: a program that encourages self-belief and inner power among those that can bring about change. The film below is a case in point. It is incredibly powerful really brings to life Intel’s value proposition of being the core of powerful computers. Have a look.

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