Nokia gets filmmakers to create stunning stories for just $5000

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When putting in place campaigns that are driven by UGC, the fear is always that you will not get enough content. The risk goes higher when the asked output is that much more difficult. However, marketers need to think differently. The number of outputs should not be the metric, rather the type of output and how much that output circulates. A great example of amazing output that will likely travel is a film piece from JW Griffiths developed for Nokia.

The Nokia Shorts 2011 short film competition had a pretty high barrier to involvment but the output was stunning. The goal was simple: tell interesting stories using your Nokia N8. The winner came up with a beautiful love story of a couple meeting up from New York and Paris. His treatment was what made this idea truly rise above all the other films – he did it through a split screen view. All this for a production budget of $5000.

The amount of submissions were not high but the profile of the competition and the appreciation for the creative quality generated a huge amount of PR. It is this type of approach to modern-day content that marketers need to consider. These are activities that digitally-driven consumers desire and appreciate. Consequently, these are the types of initiatives that will help drive Brand Love.

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