Nike creates its next mini-movement: The Nike Air Live Show race

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Once again, Nike is parlaying one of its viral hits into a movement. Do you remember the video that was launched a few months ago that was a “mocumentary” of how Nike put the air in Nike Air? To remind you, the company suggested that they collected the air from leading sports athletes and filled their shoes with it. It was truly hilarious and showed a different side of the Brand.

They now have brought the idea of “human air powers Nike Air” to the store. Using leading edge technology, Nike developed a store display where 2 Nike Air shoes floated in mid-air. Hovering side by side, they were placed on what appeared to be a race strip. People were encouraged to race the Nike Airs by blowing on a special area of the window display or viewers at home could blow into their computer mics. The races were recorded and logged for people to view, share, and talk about.

Nike just seems to really get it. They leveraged a popular piece of content, figured out how to continue the conversation, used technology to grease the conversation, added a gaming component, and engineered the experience to fuel additional conversation. Brilliant.

Nike + Castro: Nike Air Live Show_ english from Castro Innovation on Vimeo.

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