Nike creates film brilliance in hommage of Ronaldo and to celebrate action sports

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Nike is by far the king of epic sport film. They have recently launched two interesting works. The first is another great piece from the world of soccer, one of their core sports. The other is a sport that they have only recently become a credible player in – board and bike action sports.

When it comes to skateboarding, surfing, and bmx, the community definitely has its own with deep-rooted beliefs on what defines a credible film for their sport. This is why it is wonderful to see that Nike for the first time has launched a proper hero Just Do It film dedicated to action sports. The film features a night journey that discovers spectacular performances in the world of surf, snowboard, BMX and skateboarding featuring Paul Rodriguez, Julian Wilson, Danny Kass and the rest of the best of the Nike team.

This next new creative work from Nike is a dedication to the famed Brazilian football striker Ronaldo. He has just retired but has left a profound impact on the sport. As such Nike wanted to create an hommage to him, showing the world before and after Ronaldo in a poetic emotional journey that takes you through all the big and small things that have changed in football in the era of Ronaldo. If you look closely you will see some some of the more memorable “Ronaldoisms” such as the way players celebrate after scoring, or the hair cut that became so popular after World Cup 2002.

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