New Balance shows us how mobile app development is becoming a key tool in local marketing

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It is truly amazing at how app creation has developed to a level where it is considered effective from an ROI point of view to create very local apps that have a very short shelf-life. We have seen countless examples of these: Mini Getaway Stockholm Challenge (see link here), Vodafone Buffer Busters (see link here), Levi’s Catch Me If You can (see link here), Nike Japan 90 AR campaign (see link here), Nike Grid (see link here), and more.

Now New Balance in New York City has created an interesting “treasure hunt” type AR game to help drive traffic to their flagship store. The New Balance’s Urban Dash app
asks New Yorker’s to grab and run with virtual batons, with the option
of teaming up to be more effective. The aim is to redeem the batons for a
pair of exclusive ‘NYC 574′ at their flagship store on 5th Avenue.
Collect the most and win a baton of solid gold. Very cool.


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