Music marketing: bringing the fan into the creative process

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downloadMusic marketing has evolved considerably over the past few years with creativity fuelling some incredibly innovative campaigns. At the heart of all these different initiatives is allowing fans to be allowed into the world of the artist (see article here). Social media and technology have been foundational to this evolution. As a consequence, the music fan can become a lot more intimate with his artist, with the music, with the world of the musician. In some instances the fan can shape and even guide the direction of the artist.

The electronic music DJ and producer J.Viewz has taken music transparency to a whole new level with The DNA Project. He documented every part of the creative process and released it chronologically so that fans could be part of the creation of J.Viewz upcoming album. Once the album is complete, each song will have its DNA strand: a collection of all the inspirations, first beats, moments, that made each song what it ended up as. The video brings the story to life brilliantly. Enjoy.

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