More innovative packaging ideas that show what excellence can look like in the most demanding categories

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Packaging is an incredibly important aspect of the marketing mix. I’ve discussed this topic several times by explaining the different roles of packaging (see article here), how bottle packaging innovation can dramatically improve the consumption experience (see article here), and how creativity can turn existing packaging formats into engaging storytelling vehicles (see article here).

This article will showcase more examples of how creativity can transform existing packaging formats and how it can get us to think slightly differently about existing formats to transform the usage experience. It is interesting that you simply need to apply a different product, experience, or behavior to your task to come up with the most obvious (afterwards) solution to improve packaging. This is what companies like IDEO and What If! already live everyday. The challenge is for Brands to have the bravery to let their conventions go. Here are some examples.

Mr. Clean is a fairly ubiquitous brand. Most of us have an idea of what it does and thus it is part of our consideration set. However, do we really feel its strength in a way that will attribute a deeper emotion to the product? Likely not. As such, the people at P&G found a brilliant way of developing a pack that said strength but also allowed the user to use the product as an exercise weight, making the strength attribute live in a very different but powerful way.

Shoe companies rarely use their box to tell a story about the shoe inside. Reebok looked to bring to life the gripping power of its hiking shoe. All they did was to think about the box in a slightly different way. There are not noticeable modifications to the box, simply a different placement of the shoes. Genius.

The ideal consumption experience of product can make an interaction memorable or fleeting. When it comes to sparkling wine or Champagne temperature is critical. Not cold enough and the palette expectation is off. To remedy this, Veuve Clicquot developed a pack that keeps the bottle refrigerated. Granted the price premium is likely way off but the idea is nice.

Another category where existing packaging can’t address a consumption reality is soft drinks, specifically soft drink cans. Too often a drinker would love to finish his/her drink later but the seal on a can isn’t designed for it. Pepsi looked to address this (see video below).

Sometimes disposing of a product is an aspect of the usage experience that is very negative –  think chewing gum. The people at Wrigley thought of a brilliant bottle that helps remedy that issue with a simple solution that requires little change to the existing bottle packaging option.

Another type of packaging that could really use a “compliment” to make the usage experience ideal are mini-butter packs. There never seems to be something to spread the butter. Look at the solution.

Instant soup is also a product where the packaging is not ideal. Either you have a bowl that you can put in the microwave (which is great if you have the space to carry around a bowl in your bag!) or you have a pouch that needs to find a bowl to make the soup useful 😉 Look at this nifty solution.

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