Mercedes explore a unique use of Twitter with great success – The Twitter Race case study

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Early this year I wrote about a unique social media experiment by Mercedes called “The Twitter Race” (see here). The campaign case study was just released by Razorfish, the agency behind the program.

While I love the unique use of this social media channel, I struggle to see how the idea is truly helping drive Mercedes brand value
s. Rather I could see this idea for Mini or Volkswagen. Those brands are significantly more playful and even quirky which would feel more in line with the tone of this initiative. Mini specifically pushes a unique fun association with driving which would work beautifully with this highly creative idea.

Notheless, we cannot argue with the numbers that resulted with the project. There were almost 30,000 active participants with over 72,000 Facebook Fans and 77,000 Twitter Followers who generated over 150,000+ tweets to power the cars. The videos created generated about 2 million views, while the twitter reach pushed over the 25 million mark. Not bad!

Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race from thepixel on Vimeo.

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