Location-based creativity for a unique at-home night out

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The appeal of home entertainment has definitely taken a greater share of people’s disposable leisure after many years of budget tightening. Fortunately, this same period has seen huge innovation in location-based technology. The combination of these two dynamics has resulted in great entrepreneurial creativity. The following two examples have leaned into the desire to have the same amount of convenience and special experience as you would get while on the town.

EatroThe first example of innovation in at-home entertainment puts a new spin on dining. The start-up Eatro aims to create a marketplace for home-cooked meals. Essentially, you can turn your kitchen and passion for cooking into a local business without have to go through the traditional steps of setting up a restaurant, food truck, etc. The founders are two young Londoners who took advantage of incubator programs offered by the likes of Google to get support and recognition of their great idea. The brilliance of their idea is that it not only takes advantage of the increased popularity of authentic cooking and novel food experiences, but it allows people to get to know their local community through a good meal. Have a look at a short video of the founders speaking about Eatro.

minibar appThe next example of a location-based innovation that champions great at-home entertainment addresses the main ingredient to a good party – drinks. The Minibar Delivery App will deliver your favourite or desired drink to your home within an hour. To date the service is only available in New York City. It is a perfect tool to help you ensure that your house party gets off to the perfect start as well as ensure that it never stops by helping top-up your drinks should they run out. More importantly, it addresses the increased popularity of cocktail culture by allowing the craft of a good drink-making to be serviced to your home. I can imagine that spirits companies are already looking to their brand ambassadors and expert bartenders part of the service. You can get the app here if you live in NYC.

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