Live the real life of a football player with the next generation social game: I Am Playr

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Social gaming is growing fast. It is expected that by 2014 industry revenue will reach $2.1 billion, where the majority of this will come from active players versus advertising. The reason for its growth is that these games are increasingly real and immerse you into the world of the game, literally.

I Am Playr is a perfect example of the next level of social gaming. It is a POV interactive gaming experience from the team at We Are Interactive. I Am Playr describes itself as “the first game to let you experience the life of a footballer through the eyes of a footballer”. You are taken through the journey of a new signing of the fictional Riverpark FC. As a new recruit, you experience all the fun and the hard work that a real football rookie goes through: training, player matches, raising your media profile, experiencing celebrity parties, interacting with groupies, etc. Other ways that I Am Playr will make the gaming experience truly authentic is through currency and real world interaction.

The game will have virtual currency that you can earn to make real choices in the gaming experience. In addition, real world football celebrities such as Man Utd legend Teddy Sheringham will make cameos throughout the game. The game is set to launch January 2011. Nike is sponsoring it even though their presence is not overt (which is a good thing).

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