Lego fuels its iconic stature on all fronts

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Lego is a Brand that never rests on its laurels even though it is a proper icon. They constantly look for culturally relevant partnerships, push creative excellence with their advertising, and encourage the creative community at large to stretch their imagination through their colourful blocks.

To remain constantly in tune with pop culture, Lego seeks to find partnerships with whom they can create amazing products that stimulate the imagination of both Lego and the Partner’s fans. It is a strategy that has had incredible success because there is a natural win-win for both Brands, where we have seen feeder businesses erupt and even fan content be developed that rivals that which either Brand organisation could develop (think of the many Lego films done by fans such as here and here). The most recent partnership is with The Simpsons. Clearly this Brand has been around for quite a while but it also recognised and love across the globe which makes its ability to sell Lego very high. Have a look.




A recent advertising campaign in France wanted to celebrate and raise awareness of Lego’s many Brand partnerships and the endless fun and imaginative play that these products offer. The work is simple and telegraphic, immediately suggesting the hours of creativity and enjoyment that are unleashed when you open the Lego box. The work for the partnership with the Jurassic Park movie franchise, Ice Age movie franchise, and Haunted House are displayed below.




Lego is also incredibly good at celebrating those that share their imaginative Lego creations. Most recently an artist developed a series of famous album covers using Lego. The series is brilliant because the covers become pixilated, making them feel somewhat “banned”. Many of the albums are very easy to recognise but others less so. Have a look and guess the albums. I’ll give you a few clues: you will find albums from The Beatles. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Daft Punk, The Stones, and more. Enjoy.

lego-album-covers-02 lego-album-covers-03 lego-album-covers-04 lego-album-covers-05 lego-album-covers-07 lego-album-covers-08 lego-album-covers-09 lego-album-covers-10 lego-album-covers-11 lego-album-covers-12 lego-album-covers-13 lego-album-covers-14 lego-album-covers-15 lego-album-covers-16

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