Lego celebrate their 55th anniversary though 55 posters of bands, songs, music, that have influenced the imagination and culture of the past 55 years

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Lego is a Brand that has been able to fuel the imagination of kids (and even adults) for over 50 years. In fact, they are celebrating their 55th birthday. In honor of their role in igniting the imagination of children over this half century, they have created a series of minimalist posters of cultural highlights of the past 55 years in the form of influential bands, songs, and movies. However, they have made some more challenging to guess than others to reinforce their commitment to igniting your imagination.

Their collection of 55 poster riddles have ignited the blogosphere because of their simple and beautiful design, and their difficulty. They were designed by a Canadian agency called Brad. Lego’s ability to innovate and evolve with the times is truly noteworthy (see article I wrote on this topic). I hope that we see a lot of exciting things from Lego this year in honor of their historic milestone. In the meantime, try to solve the riddles below. If you are hungry for more, check them out on Gizmodo here.

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