Is the newspaper dead? A publisher in Belgium shows us that the answer is definitely no… it just depends on how it is delivered

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The power of the daily newspaper has been debated over the past few years as reading behavior evolves with the popularity of new online platforms, tablets, and new widespread publishing formats (ie the daily Metro). Just this month we experienced the last printed edition of the iconic Newsweek (read here).┬áInformation is increasingly delivered in bites, where the headline is more important than the details behind the story. This is not necessarily because people aren’t interested. Rather it is because of a desire to be informed as much as possible within a window of time that works in an already loaded daily routine. As such, the solution isn’t necessarily about information streamlining, it can be about depth delivery based on the right window of time.

If we think about it, people are very keen on digging into topics that interest them when the information is delivered in ways and at times that work best for their ideal window of time. Hence the explosion of content consumption in all forms. Therefore, newspapers may need to find different ways of distributing their stories (eg. printed, digital, video, text, tweet, etc.). The level of depth, the physical appeal of the printed piece, the quality of design in the content, etc.

To prove that appeal and voluntary immersion in good news stories, a newspaper in Belgium created a stunt that demonstrated that people could get so lost in great newspaper content that the most obscure happenings around them would get unnoticed. It was a good demonstration that the right delivery vehicle coupled with the right type of content at the optimal window of time can capture the attention and imagination of anyone even if quicker options are easily accessed. Have a look.

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