Is it real or is it not? Photorealism taken to the next level

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In an age where retouching is accessible to anyone with a computer, artists that strive for realism and rely solely on their skill to create picture brilliance are truly admirable. With the rise in an appreciation and respect for craft we are seeing more purists across creative professions.

Even with many great artists emerging such as Linda Huber (see here), or Rob Hefferan (see here), or Juan Francisco Casas (see here), I have rarely seen a talent as strong as Diego Koi. His work in photorealism is simply unbelievable. No matter how hard you look at his pieces, it is hard to differ the work from photography. His mastery of the pencil is brilliant. You can see his work on his website – see here – but I have shared some of his marvels below. Many have written about his work such as the Huffington Post (see here) which reflects the stature of his ability. Have a look.

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