Is Instagram making the dining experience more fun? A New York restaurant says yes

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Have you ever been at a restaurant and were torn between two dishes? Have you ever looked at the description of a dish on the menu and wondered what it looked like? Have you ever looked over to a person next to you at a restaurant and decided that you’d have what they were having because it looked good? I’m sure many of us have encountered these situations. The current solution to this problem is to have photos of dishes on menus. Many restaurants, however, will not entertain this option because it doesn’t suggest class or it doesn’t allow for a flexible menu.

A restaurant in NYC called Comodo has found an innovative way to solve this problem and create a good amount of conversations around its food in the process. Comodo leveraged the simple insight that foodies love to photograph their dishes. It allows them to memorialize (I think) a great dining experience and use the photo for future reference. Instagram is the camera phone app of choice. As such, Comodo created a place on Instagram where patrons could view and share photos of their dishes. They simply need to use the hashtag #comodomenu.

I really like this idea because it makes the dining experience more fun for all because it adds an interactive technological angle to the ordering process. Once the photos of the dishes are done, interest may level off but there are multiple ways that the restaurant can encourage involvement – ie. an Instagram wall of fame for the best shots of their dishes, add new items frequently to encourage shooting, etc. Have a look at the video below which brings to life the story.

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