Integrated marketing brilliance

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download (1)Way too many marketers talk about developing integrated marketing programs but then all that you find them doing is plastering the same message all over the place. Some even simply think that using several media for a marketing push means that they are developing an integrated plan. This is especially true within the technology space where so many people simply don’t have sophisticated marketing acumen. Fortunately a lot more are realising, and embracing, the true power of proper cross-media storytelling. When done right, the value to the consumer is extreme because they are immersed in an experience that not only is pleasurable, but one that they will remember and share with their friends.

Film franchises and TV shows have been at the forefront of truly innovative integrated marketing brilliance. We all know of the Dark Knight Rises program that was a pure work of art (see case here). It won at Cannes many years ago with great praise. Now, the show Dallas has “struck gold”, Cannes gold, with their integrated masterpiece. To launch the season premier, TNT brought the Dallas family to life, for real. And to get New Yorkers talking about the family, and thus the show, they erected a gas station that had the lowest rates in the Tristate area. The combination of activation, film, PR, social, etc. and how the story became richer as you navigated all the touchpoints made the overall program truly inspiring. Have a look at the case video.

Red Bull is a master at integrated marketing and this skill is evident in all of their local teams. The case in point is how the Taiwanese Red Bull team put together a program to promote their world famous Soapbox Race. The challenge that they faced in Taiwan was to encourage people to participate, not just view. As such, they had to ignite the DIY culture within the country. They used a combination of traditional media, enlisted a famous Band to promote through music, called on their social fanbases to spread the word and act as judges, partnered with local Universities, and so forth. The effort created a buzz around the event like never before. Have a look.

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