Inspiring Christmas campaigns from 2013

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The holiday season is a very important time for many companies, where an notable part of their annual profit contribution is generated. As such, we see a lot of marketing campaigns. Many are typical, using approaches that have proven effective but lack creativity. Others lean into expected emotions but do so in unexpected ways. I have already written about the retail advertising frenzy in the UK that somewhat discusses this point focusing on TV advertisements (see here). As more Christmas work from around the world has populated the blogosphere, I wanted to share some other efforts that are tackling the Christmas spirit in a way that will break through the Christmas clutter.

consorcioThe first campaign comes from Peru where a charity did a stunt that will leave you in tears. So many great stunts have taken place over the years where people are given a Christmas surprise. We need only think about Spanair (see here) or West Jet (see here). However, Consorcio LP found a way of igniting the spirit of Christmas in a way that is simple but incredibly beautiful. Their “Santa Claus Undercover” initiative addressed the core beauty of Christmas – giving, caring, and love. Be ready to shed a tear or two.

The next Christmas campaign that is really smart comes from Norwegian Air. Their approach was to add value to the Christmas season by helping consumers with a task that is somewhat tedious – gift wrapping. The issue that many people have with wrapping is that you either forget to buy wrapping paper altogether or your don’t find the paper design that is nice enough. Therefore, Norwegian Air decided to turn their outdoor poster into highly creative and appealing Christmas wrapping paper. The design used landmarks from all the holiday destinations that Norwegian Air travels to. What a great way to contribute to the holiday season, share your selling proposition, and be remembered at the same time.

nor_wrapping_paper_print norwegian_gift_wrap_2

The third Christmas campaign that is unique comes from Netflix. They used a movie trailer format to raise awareness of their “special Christmas channel”. They have a channel that shows a fireplace which beautifully adds mood the holidays. Clearly the initiative serves a broader objective to drive trial and usage of the Netflix platform. However, the way that they leveraged a gimmicky service to make the holidays all that more special, and delivered it in a creative fashion made this effort truly charming.

Screen-Shot-2013-12-27-at-12.07.36-PMThe final Christmas initiative that put a smile on people’s faces was from online retailer They partnered with Vespa to create a truly uplifting Christmas service. Called “Operation Santa”, offered last-minute gift delivery service where Santa came to your door with your order! The picture to the left brings to life the cute customer service play. I think that such an idea will ensure that your purchase with is not forgotten. You’ve been able to provide a desired product, an always welcomed smile, and a touch of the Christmas spirit. Well done. Imagine getting greeted by a guy in a Santa outfit on the day before Christmas. You’d be either blown over with a smile or call the police in fear 🙂

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