Innovation that really adds value

Innovation is enormously important in business today. The pace of change is so fast, that innovation is required to be able to gain attention of quickly distracted consumers. However, the innovation that extends beyond typical product or service lifecycles, is the one that truly adds value.

The definition of truly adding value is where an issue is resolved that has a powerful impact on society, or a group in society. You know you’ve landed on this type of innovation when the emotions that your product or service generates, is palpable. Often, the result is an tidal wave of sharing on social media.

At the Cannes Lions festival of creativity in 2017, there was a high volume of these types of innovations. Companies are clearly seeing that walking the talk, and profoundly helping the communities that they serve is the way forward.

The first example is from Savlon in India, where they have found a way of removing health risks in classroom through a simple but brilliant innovation. Have a look.

The second example is from Varuna Pumps in India. To help reduce the amount of people getting struck by lightning while working the fields, they came up with an ingenious solution.

The third example is from skincare brand SKII in China. To break the taboo of women of a certain age not being fit for marriage, they hijacked a typical “marriage market” in a powerful way. Have a look.

The last example is from Une, called Pay Phone Bank. To serve the thousands of people rejected by the typical banking industry in Colombia, Une found an innovative way to serve them working with their reality and their daily life. Brilliant.

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