Innovation inspirations: Hotels look to Airbnb; Airbnb looks to the Discovery Channel!

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The hotel business has been revolutionised by technology. Not only has price competition been made more democratic, service and product realities have been made more transparent, but alternative solutions have been gaining significant ground thanks to the likes of Airbnb. Instead of fighting these dynamics, Art Series Hotels decided to take inspiration from their most innovative competitor and add a good dose of creativity to come up with a very novel solution to increase occupancy.

Art Series Hotels looked to Airbnb and their social and democratic approach to travel accommodation to come up with the “overstay check out”. Essentially the idea is to allow people to stay in their rooms until the next person checks-in. Therefore, you keep the hotel occupied, gain revenue from bar and restaurant services, and drive significant social chatter around the hotel chain. Furthermore, guests are not annoyed by being “rushed out at 10” because of a policy that doesn’t really benefit anyone, and the energy of the hotel is much greater because of the buzz of people in and about the lobbies, hallways, and service areas.

While Airbnb has been a big disruptor in the hotel business, it too cannot rest on its laurels. Competitors are starting to pop up. Consequently, Airbnb needs to start marketing itself with more vigour so that it can continue its great momentum. A recent competition suggests that they are looking to more traditional content Brands to inspire innovative marketing ideas. To motivate travel exploration they looked to their community to develop a film about travel. Alone this is something you can find on the Discovery Channel, but Airbnb added a twist – film it all on Vine. The resulting film will be shown at Sundance. Have a look.

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