Imagine if a Brand actually helped you pay for rent

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Consumer endorsement is arguably the most powerful purchase driver. Brands try very hard to evangelize those that buy their products with the hope that this will result in sales. With the right relationship build, new user/consumer recruitment costs can be incredibly competitive. However, this requires very focused and smart tactics to ensure that your existing purchasers don’t feel taken advantage of, or see real value in endorsing the Brand.

Ikea has found a brilliant approach to lure new customers into their Brand world. They know that having Ikea catalogues in people’s homes translates into increased purchase, much of it driven by new users reading the catalogue. As such, they needed to find a way of getting their existing buyers to leave their catalogue in their home for their visitors to see. Enter the “we’ll rent space in your place” campaign: a great idea where Ikea rents out the space in you living room for the catalogue.

The idea is really smart because it taps into the financial reality of its consumers: they can use some extra money for rent. As such, they have a good chance of getting people to buy-into their proposition. Have a look at the video. Awesome.

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