Ikea gives its catalogue a new lease on life and in the process makes retail promotion more innovative

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Ikea have just launched a global evolution of their iconic and notorious catalogue. I would bet that this publication has the largest circulation of any single magazine the world over. It is something that we all enjoy flipping through and exemplifies what we love and enjoy about Ikea. Therefore, the task of giving it a boost is a tall task. Enter the great Swedish creative minds who brought us the original iconic Diesel work and VWs Fun Theory.

There seems to be some similarities with the approach taken to the new Ikea catalogue work as was taken with the creation of The Fun Theory. If we look at this brilliant work from VW, they took routines that we all know and likely participate in daily and gave them a facelift, a different way of experiencing them in order to make them more fun. As a result those moments became richer. You started to live in the now whilst doing things that are regularly simple time eaters.

Now let’s look at what was done to Ikea’s catalogue: every beautiful page, every beautiful photo is given a second and maybe even third dimension. Yes, each touchpoint is digitally activated so that the catalogue can come alive with video or addition image content be it from Ikea or avid consumers. So the typical “routine” flick-through of the catalogue is transformed making the experience richer and more entertaining so that it become more than just a shopping catalogue, it becomes your own interior decorator. For example, the different sets etc could be socially activated so that the collective can “brainstorm” on different ways of putting together living rooms, bedrooms, etc all inspired by the catalogue. As a result, the catalogue will have a longer shelf life because there is so much more to explore. Moreover, new content can be added to existing links making the shelf-life even longer. The extension ideas are vast, where there may actually be opportunities for revenue generation beyond just selling more Ikea products (think advertising revenue within the digital experiences, etc.) Absolutely brilliant.

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