How Universities are starting to think creatively about attracting new students – UTEC in Peru develops a billboard that creates water for the local community

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Attracting talent is a big challenges for institutions and businesses the world over. People have significantly more knowledge about their choices and will not compromise to get exactly where is right for them. As a result, businesses that aren’t top of mind need to work a lot harder to get people to think of them. Even businesses that have global recognition work hard to attract people (see the recent website uplift from Adidas that up-sells what life in the city of their headquarters (Herzogenaurach) is like) (see article from Adverblog here).

Even Universities are getting into creative selling game. The days of simply talking about courses and opportunities are coming to an end. Now academic institutions are actually showing what they teach you to do. In Peru, an engineering and tech school (The UTEC), got their graduates and professors to develop a water purification billboard in the ramp up to application season. The goal was to show the value of the work that students will learn will have on their communities. The project and stunt was brilliant and caught the attention of the media and thus potential students.

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