How to use creativity to make one of the most overused promotional items become a proud display in your home

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What is one of the most common promotional items used by businesses across any industry? I would argue that it is the calendar. They are useful to almost anyone and they allow for year-long in-house advertisement. The reality is that most companies that implement this promotional item don’t apply creativity to make the gift work as hard as possible for them (see some of the more creative calendar ideas here). The norm is a collection of stock images that don’t necessarily relate to the company or business from which the gift was given. Meanwhile, the opportunity to really bring to life your product or service offering, vision, etc. is huge.

An eye care store in Bangladesh has created what I consider one of the smartest calendar promotional gifts. Apollo Eye Care have designed the calendar to become and eye test poster. That way, you can test your eye strength month after month. In doing so you bring a “product demo” into your home and can be reminded (hopefully favorably) of the value that Apollo brought you. Moreover, the calendar is a really cool decorative element in your kitchen, bathroom, or work space. Imagine if big Brands would create similar ideas for internal promotion. Take Coca-Cola for example. If they would design a calendar that inspires happiness every month they could allow their employees to feel the mission of their company throughout the year.

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