How to turn grumpy airline passengers into Brand evangelists through the luggage belt!

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Airlines are known to lose luggage. It is one of the fears of most travelers. How can an airline company lean into that negative perception in a very unexpected way to create a positive halo for the Brand? Pick the most important night of the year and instead of no luggage coming out of the luggage belt, give them something special.

Spanair did just that. On December 24th they had a flight the went from Barcelona to Las Palmas. The plane was packed with people who were missing that special holiday with their families. To ensure that the Christmas spirit was not missed, the airline surprised them with “unexpected luggage” upon their arrival in Las Palmas.

Before their real luggage came out of the belt, a line of wrapped gifts came out from behind the rubber curtains. There was a gift for every passenger on the plane, their names beautifully written on the colorful boxes. It was Christmas in the terminal.

As the passengers opened the gifts the terminal erupted in cheers and laughter. A sad flight turned into a celebration of happiness and caring. The experience was filmed and seeded online to great fanfare. What a brilliant way to create a huge impact with a simple idea.

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