How to tackle food waste? Sell ugly fruit!

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The sheer volume of fruits and vegetables that humanity wastes on a daily basis is astounding. Meanwhile, so many people in rich and impoverished countries do not have the money to buy fruits and vegetables. The images of mountains of great food being wasted is a vivid example of where society has gone horribly wrong. One of the criteria for discarding food is whether it is deformed. Yes, believe it or not, but the ugly fruits and vegetables get thrown away because the consumer (us) won’t buy them. How lame are we!

Intermache in France decided to buy all the “rejects” from farmers and created a new line of fruits and vegetables called “Les Moches”, or “the ugly ones”. They sold them for 30% less. To further convince us lame visually oriented humans that these fruits and vegetables were just as good as their “good looking” brethren, Intermache created soups and juices with these “ugly ones”.



initiative was a huge success and it the line sold out quickly. It goes to show that all it takes is a little creativity to help solve, even just a little bit, our world’s food dilemma. Have a look a the case video.

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