How to really engrain your music platform with the trade

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It feels like all the shoe brands are trying to create musical experiences using their products. Over the past year we have seen Nike and Adidas attack it from slightly different angles. Nike finding ways for people to use their shoes as instruments without being attached to your feet (see here). Then Adidas found a way to accomplish the same but have the shoe on someone’s foot, actually syncing the music with the dancing of the people wairing the shoes (see here). Now Converse has jumped into the mix but has taken a different spin.

Converse has started “The Canvas Experiment” which is where it creates colorful shoe patterns using music. Artists have been invited to play their instruments to “animate” a giant 4×5 meters equalizer made using 480 pairs of Chuck Taylors. The result is an interesting visual experience. So far two videos have been released (drum/guitar) but there should be more coming out soon.

The great thing about The Canvas Experiment is that at its core it is a store activation idea. So the content is gravy, not the sole purpose of the experiment. All throughout May these experiments will take place in Converse stores across Paris and Berlin. I can even see compilations being created as the different instruments are edited together – creating interesting songs and videos to boot. Very cool

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