How to make product naming social: Opel Corsa show us the way

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Great ideas take on a life of their own. Often the biggest challenge to birth these ideas is that both agency and client are brave enough to identify and nurture the ideas to their full potential. It all starts with a powerful and often obvious insight. Sometimes the simplicity of the insight is what never lets the idea see the light of day because the executives in charge of the project assume that it is not unique or powerful enough. How wrong!

A naming project for the Opel Corsa in Israel is a perfect example of where a simple idea birthed a campaign that took on a life of its own to great success. The insight was that young drivers almost loved their cars as much as they loved themselves, the cars were absolute extensions of their identify and personality. As such, the idea was to allow the car to be called by the owner’s name. This simple idea spawned an “owner-driven marketing campaign” like no other, where ads were created by the owners, etc. It reminded me a lot of the Saturn philosophy that drove that Brand to become a marketing icon. Have a look.

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