How to make iconic board games relevant today? Give them a digital twist

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The landscape of gaming has exploded in the last few decades as video games have become household items and gaming overall has seeped into all facets of society thanks to social media. This has made it very challenging for iconic games such as Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, and the like to stay relevant and desirable. Fortunately, they have embraced technology to provide novel experiences of their proven effective game formats.

A few years ago Trivial pursuit partnered with Youtube to provide a brilliant digital activation “guys vs girls” (see here) and then Monopoly did the same with Google leveraging their geo-location and maps platforms to create “real world game” (see here). Now Scrabble is getting into the mix with a brilliant idea called Scrabble Wifi: a mobile game that gives you access to free wifi if you can win a round of scrabble. Many people avoid using their smartphones in non-wifi areas given that high data roaming charges. As such, providing additional wifi locations has incredible value. Scrabble seized the opportunity to get people to experience their game. The better people played, the more they shared their experience, the more time they were granted in the Scrabble wifi locations.

The idea is brilliant because it not only provides value to the consumer, it reinforces the core tenants of the game – better communication. If you think about it, Scrabble is a game that improves your vocabulary which is fundamental to better communication. As such, offering ways to talk more frequently is a perfect technological match for the Brand. Very good work. Ogilvy France is the agency.

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