How to ignite the creative mind of a community? Force them to think outside of their routine

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Creativity today is skill in high demand. IBM conducts a study every few years among several thousand CEOs to temperature check trends in business management. Over the last few studies creativity has ranked top in respect to what is critical in driving business growth.

April 15 -21st was the world creativity and innovation week and the team at Zulu Alpha Kilo helped raise awareness and interest in the event by bringing to life a core ingredient of creativity – stepping out of your routine. The engineered a very cool stunt where they literally forced people to step out of their daily thinking, their daily commute routine, etc. A “brain-on-wheels” zipped around Toronto catching people off guard and getting them to reflect differently. In addition to the stunt, they peppered the streets with simple, telegraphic print pieces that leaned into typical routines and how they could be “refreshed”. Very nice work.

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