How to get a useful “like”? Get potential fans to realize what their signing up for

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A reality about social media and causes is that there is a belief that if you support a cause through a mere like, you are helping that cause further its efforts. The truth of the matter is that social media in this instance has made the person who believes in the cause a bit lazy. A simple “like” does not necessarily change government action through its “petition-like” disposition. It certainly does not change action-needed reality, where funds are needed to cause change.

The campaign for Crisis Relief Singapore is an in-your-face shout at the lazy social “likers” who deem that a simple click will help initiate change. Instead they show the ridiculousness of a like in the face of bodily harm and suffering. Its a great way of trying to activate a majority of the fanbase or at least to generate more quality vs quantity fan acquisition. More importantly it underscores the importance of helping drive education as part of recruitment with certain Brands or organizations when it comes to their social media lives. Publicis is the agency.

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