How Nike uses technology to create an increasingly deep Brand world experience

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Nike has consistently delivered great stories that have over time created a clear understanding of their Brand world. Through the growth of technology they have been able to provide richer experiences that help their fans travel deeper into the world of Nike. Their social media programs have allowed for a much deeper relationship with campaigns (see the Amsterdam Graffiti Challenge here or the now iconic ), or more intimate relationships with the Brand (see the Create Your Basket Signature event here). More importantly, their commitment to sports-related technology development that help you get involved in sport or help  you get more addicted to sport is, on judgment, their strongest part of the Brand strategy that will allow for the deepest immersion into the Nike Brand world.

The foundation of their Nike+ platform (see explained here) has led the way to countless product innovations (the earliest and well-publicized one with Apple – read here) that are only growing and becoming “cooler” with the introduction of the Nike Fuelband (see here). Each create desire for sport by feeding existing or new needs, such as greater competition or deeper gaming richness (read about this here). They also help push you harder (see personal trainer app here).

However, the product extensions off of these great innovations is where the unbelievable Brand world experiences really start to flourish. The most recent one is a gaming platform off of the FuelBand (see below). The Brand has created an online game that allows you greater access the more FuelPoints you accumulate with the FuelBand. In other words it forces you to do sport if you want to satiate your gaming hunger. Therefore, the act of sport isn’t as “meaningless” (for some), or even less difficult (because there is a great reward at the end). Absolutely brilliant. Have a look.

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