How Nike turned abandoned pools into new community centers

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Few Brands have really understood the value of “small conversations” that help fuel a bigger dialogue around their overall story. Nike is one of them. They have empowered their teams across the globe to find the right local opportunities to make an impact on furthering sport. All of these local initiatives ensure a constant stream of culturaly commentary around Nike, and more importantly, a constant stream of engaging content.

Nike’s most recent stream of “small conversations” is for their skateboard division called NikeSB. They have decided to fight the destruction of old swimming pools by turning them into skateboard parks. Exactly one year ago, they did a great project in Paris, at the Molitor swimming pool. This year they took over a swimming pool in East London to create an amazing BMX event (see the video below). The swimming pool was about to be demolished and get replaced by a car park. Instead, Nike converted it into an amazing skatepark. However, the goal is not to make the park permanent so they created a petition on Facebook – see here.

Promoting local content to fuel the bigger content pool is the way to go. Not only does that make your Brand more omnipresent, not only does it show that you spend your money actually helping consumers in the communities where they live, but you are using all your evangelists (inside and outside the company) to create content.

The Pool – The Full Story from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

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