How newspapers recruit the new generation of readers? Make reading a family bonding experience

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Newspapers are struggling the world over to remain alive (see article here). Some of the most iconic titles such as Newsweek have ceased publishing printed editions (see article here). There simply is too much information available online by content developers of all stripes (individuals, groups, Brands, etc.) that magazines and newspapers struggle to have people understand the significant value of their offerings. This is especially true with the younger generation. Having grown up in a world where all queries can be answered very quickly and to-the-point online, they don’t see the appeal of printed pieces, especially ones that have longer-form articles.

The Tokyo Newspaper faces the same challenge as its brethren in other parts of the world. However, it is trying to use technology to recruit new readers by creating unique family moments through their articles. For specific articles they are building-in content that can be unlocked through mobile. By scanning the boxes in which the articles are written, AR animations appear that bring to life the stories in ways kids will want to engage with. As such, parents and their kids can have special moments through the paper. This will likely ensure positive memory associations with the kids and could translate into future readership. Have a look at the video that brings this to life. Very cool.

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