How art has flourished thanks to the internet

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I’m a big fan of PBS. They have programming that is truly inspiring across all genres of news. Over the past few months, they have been exploring various facets of creative culture, be it typography, product design, generative art, and papercraft. As part of their exploration into creative culture in the digital age they launched the Off Book series.

The latest installment explores art in the era of the Internet. The key contributors include Kickstarter founder Yancey Strickler, Creative Commons mastermind Lawrence Lessig, and the editor of Creators Project Julia Kaganskiy.

The segment explores how opportunity has truly ignited a creative community around art that wasn’t possible beforehand because there wasn’t a proper vehicle for encouragement. The Internet is that vehicle because it gives those that have a creative bone the courage to go out and try something or, at a minimum, contribute to something that a like-minded peer is already doing online. As a result great creative projects see the light of day because they have multiple minds participating actively and passively (simply following, commenting, or liking).

Enjoy the video.

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