How Apple and Google can be even more innovative through student creativity

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Students at the world’s most respected ad schools are increasingly coming up with ideas that rival those of the most famous agencies. There are two observations that can be noticed consistently across the case studies that are circulated online. First, digital is at the heart of the ideas and is used to enhance an experience so that the benefit is felt. Second, there tends to be social consideration. What I mean by this is that the ideas are for the betterment of people lives, whether it is slight or profound.

The following examples from the Forsberg School of Design and Advertising in Sweden, and the Miami Ad School bring to life the observation that current creative thinking is digitally-driven and socially considered. Each have tapped into a powerful yet simple insight and have created a pieced of engagement that is both entertaining and useful. The result is two novel ideas that are so brilliant in their simplicity that the Brands would be foolish not to try and implement them.

The first idea for Google Translate – a tool that translates songs. The genesis of the idea was that people listen to music from around the world and often sing along but have no idea what they are saying. This tool allows them to get more intimate with the music that they already love by allowing them to understand the stories sung by the artists.

The second idea for a partnership between Apple and The Salvation Army. The insight driving the idea is that donations are increasingly difficult in times when money is tight, meanwhile there is a huge amount of unused app inventory lying on people’s phones that could be easily translated into donations. As such the idea for the Donation Box app was born – a simple app into which you can drag apps you no longer use and the cost of those apps gets donated to the Salvation Army. The costs would come out of the same payment set up currently in place with your iTunes. Absolutely brilliant.

Apple Donation Box from Philip Hovensjö on Vimeo.

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