Heineken makes its bottle become a party composer

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The role of most alcohol Brands, regardless of what their advertising may say, is to bring to life a party. At the end of the day, this is where a great percentage of the consumption happens, this is where its emotional impact, this is where stories in which it plays a role are created. However, it is very difficult to actually play a more profound role aside from getting you in a different state.

Heineken has embraced the challenge of playing noticeable role in enhancing the party vibe beyond the effects of alcohol. Welcome to the Ignite bottle. This great innovation from Heineken revealed at the Milan Design Week demonstrated how the bottle can be a catalyst to fun at parties. As part of the Heineken’s Lounge of the Future initiative, the idea starts to give the bottle an active role in the usage occasion versus simply being an advertising vessel. The guys at DDB Amsterdam led this. Very nice.

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